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Transforming Education for a Sustainable Future

In partnership with Erasmus+ France, le the ODDience2030 project aims to revolutionize education, by training teachers and mobilizing high school students, to make their voices heard in favor of the Sustainable Development Goals of the agenda 2030 de l’ONU.

Together, let’s contribute to change, and develop 21st century skills to build a fair, united and sustainable world.

Teacher coaching

21st century skills


agenda 2030 ONU

Fulfillment and well-being


Be aware of a changing world and change to adapt




Sustainable development goals


Project objectives in partnership with Erasmus+ France

Integrative Practices – Ecological Leadership in the classroom

A new training and coaching model for schools.

Transition to sustainable development

The 2030 Agenda to help students acquire 21st century skills.

Co-hosting, meetings and advocacy

NGO, meeting with the SAMI people, advocacy in Brussels and participation in COP2026.

Skills assessment

Reusable pedagogical tools and grids for measuring skills acquisition.

Transforming education and guiding the next generation of enlightened citizens towards a sustainable future.

In the 21st century, students deserve more than a traditional education. UNESCO has recognized this: the skills crucial to navigating the new millennium are not sufficiently taught in our classrooms. Yet the global challenges of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) demand an enlightened and engaged generation.

The 3-year ODDience2030 project, funded by Erasmus+ France, aims to develop these skills in high school students around the unifying theme of sustainable development.

From November 13, 2023, players from schools, NGOs and training organizations (Finland, France, India, Portugal and Romania) will join forces to mobilize students and make their voices heard at local level, as well as in Brussels and at COP Climat 2026.

icon_check icon Cette innovative approach includes coaching for teachers in partner schools by training organizations.

icon_check icon Nous will design reusable, tested and validated teaching tools to measure 21st century skills, and we will disseminate our experience to the scientific and educational community.

icon_check icon Nous will create captivating educational videos and participate in a special edition of Terre&Océan magazine to inspire even more positive change.

icon_check icon Pour that our mission truly embraces the globe, India joins our project, reinforcing the international dimension of Agenda 2030.

With ODDience2030, we believe in a future where every student becomes an agent of change, ready to shape a better world for all.


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Partner schools and organizations

Erasmus+ France and our 5 partners are the cornerstones of the project. So that our mission truly embraces the globe, 4 countries including India are joining us, reinforcing the international dimension of the Agenda 2030.


Vaskivuori upper secondary school


Bel Orme secondary school

Bordeaux, FRANCE

Les couleurs de l’éducation Association



Bègles, FRANCE

terre & ocean Association

Bègles, FRANCE

The Universal School

Ghatkopar, INDIA

Albufeira secondary school

Albufeira, PORTUGAL

Bora Ambientar Association


Tagiri Consulting training organization

Bucarest, ROMANIA

Upcoming events



Kick-off ODDience2030

Launch of the project, with partners welcomed for a week of meetings and immersion.




C0P 28

The UN International Climate Change Conference in Dubai.

We believe in a future where every student becomes an agent of change, ready to shape a better world for all.

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- The ODDience2030 team

Project partners

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