By Nina Tervala, Vaskivuoren lukio

Teaching with SDG's


A meditative moment

Andreaa Gatman gave our Erasmus group and their colleagues training in four separate sessions of 90 minutes from Feb24 to April 24.

Each session started with a mindful moment where we focused our attention on breathing or images or thoughts. A meditative moment is a good way to start a training session.

For us it was afternoon, the moment of hunger and fatigue. A little meditation can be something that wakes up the the spirit and gives strength to take up new tasks. I have to admit, that my ability to stop, close my eyes and focus on anything was not that great. Being on-line makes it significantly more difficult.

the sessions were full of information

Andreea has done a lot of research and the sessions were full of information and quotes from different articles and books individuals. We were given tasks and reading to do before each session and I managed to do part of the tasks in time.

In each session we had tasks to do in smaller groups in break out rooms. It was interesting to share ideas with new people from different countries i.e. France, Portugal and India. At times we understood the directions differently and probably did not execute the exercices as they were meant, but we did have a lot to talk about.

School is at the same time different and similar in different countries. People are the same and completely different at the same time.

It took me a while to understand that I won’t necessarily be getting any concrete tools from these sessions for my teaching. I could of course use the practices we had done, but having done one practice on-line once doesn’t qualify me for anything. The target of these sessions didn’t seem clear to me during the course.

Now I think that the aim was to start a change in us. Towards, maybe, understanding the importance of change.

There is so much to do and so little time. I think Andreea struggles with this too and maybe gave us so much information, shared so many names and thoughts that I didn’t have time to digest it all.

letting the new generation become the best possible version of themselves

The challenge in on-line communication for the coach is that they don’t get the reactions of their public. Many of us failed to see what was written on the slides and some had difficulties with the English language.

The on-line pedagogy cannot be the same than teaching in class. This problematic needs more attention in future sessions.

“ When we teach with SDG’s” was said many times. What does it actually mean? I have ideas, I may be right, I may be wrong or at least haven’t gotten everything in consideration.

Anyway, my teaching equals to my being with people in general. I hope to be at all times not judgemental, look at the person in the eyes and hope to understand what they need right now.

Teaching is not about me it’s about them, letting the new generation become the best possible version of themselves.

The task is simple and difficult. There are so many factors interfearing, threats and misinformation, you name it. But there is no option, we have to keep on believing in good. I refuse loosing hope.