Par Cristiana Correia, Bora Ambientar

Spot Dolphins


The last day

It was a very hot day in Albufeira, the last day of the mobility, and we were ready to embark on a unique journey, to get to know the Algarve coast and spot dolphins in their natural habitat.

Although I live near Setúbal, a region where dolphins are often seen in the Sado estuary, I had never been lucky enough to see them. The few times I had the opportunity to see dolphins, they were in captivity, at the Ocenário of Lisbon and at the Zoo, where, despite their beauty, I always felt that something was missing, an essence that only the sea can provide, the freedom of these animals.

I spotted them far away

So, with great expectations, we set sail. I was very anxious about what was to come. The sea was very rough, but as we got to know the Algarve coast we enjoyed the sea breeze and the salty splashes that touched our faces.

As my eyes scanned the horizon, I spotted them far away playing in the waves. I was overjoyed as soon as I saw them, and I never thought it would be possible to get so close.

Every leap, every dive of the dolphins filled my heart, seeing them in freedom, in their natural habitat, a moment that will remain in my memory with great fondness.